Closed Independence Day

by Heather on July 2, 2015

Our office will be closed Saturday July 4, 2015 in celebration of Independence Day. We will reopen at our normal business hours on Monday July 6, 2015. If your pet needs to be seen during this time, please visit our Emergencies Page for information on emergency clinics in the area. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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Parks, Puppies, and Parvo

by Heather on June 21, 2015

It is a great excitement to adopt a new puppy and owners want to take their new pride and joy for a walk and to play in dog parks, however there is signiicant risks taken when puppies venture out in public at an early age. The following is a helpful article about this topic…..

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Resources for Lost and Found Pets

by Heather on May 26, 2015

If you have or know of anyone that has lost or found a pet with the recent flooding, we offer free scanning for microchips for found pets. There are also several sources on Facebook where pets pictures are being posted. Some that we know of are:

Wimberley 2015 Lost and Found Pets/Livestock
Wimberley Flood Lost and Found
Wimberley Lost and Found
Wimberley Flood Lost and Found for Pets and Livestock

And of course Wimberley Adoption Group and Rescue is assisting tremendously with lost and found pets.

If you know of any other sources, please feel free to send us a message on our facebook page or call us.

Please keep victims of the flood in your thoughts and prayers, thank you.



Rattlesnake Vaccine

by Heather on April 1, 2015

Spring is here, beautiful weather and gorgeous flowers. The warmer weather entices all types of wildlife to roam and graze. Another species that becomes more active with warm temperatures are snakes. Most do not realize that snakes are not out to purposely harm anyone, however they do become afraid and many will bite. One of these types are rattlesnakes. In recent years, rattlesnakes in the Central Texas Region have become less audible and do not always hiss or rattle to alert one in harms way, thus making it very important for humans to be aware of their surroundings at all times. While pets do not always know to refrain from snakes, there are precautions that could assist in a potentially deadly situation. Canines and Equines do have a vaccination available to them that can prolong the effects of a rattlesnake bite. It is still VERY important to take your pet to your local vet immediately, however the vaccine can help the process in aiding your pet back to good health. Please view the link below to read more about the vaccine and the types of snake bites it supports……

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Distemper Virus: Why We Strongly Recommend Once Yearly Vaccination

February 17, 2015

There has recently been a widespread awareness of measle outbreaks in young children and the importance of vaccinating against this dangerous virus. Correlatively CDV, or Canine Distemper Virus, is considered just as detrimental in the canine world. The following article explains how significant vaccinating can be, however the exposure situation in Texas is much higher […]

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