Found Rabid Bat in Wimberley

by Heather on September 17, 2014

A bat was found at the junior high school in Wimberley on Friday. The bat tested positive for Rabies. It is very important to never pick up a bat as it could be the same situation, infected with rabies. Contact a local official for removal. The best option is to call Animal Control or the non-emergency number for your county, the number for Hays Animal Control would be 512-393-7896, or for the non-emergent number (512) 393-7800

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Several varieties of animals can carry rabies and it is important to take precaution to prevent being bitten by one with this disease. Please find two links below explaining the event at the junior high and great information regarding rabies……

Canine Distemper Outbreak-Prevention

by Heather on September 10, 2014

A canine distemper outbreak has occurred in Comal County, this being the reason of stressing the importance of vaccinating against this highly contagious and deadly virus. There were several dogs that lost their lives due to the virus when this could have been prevented. If you have not vaccinated your pet against this overwhelming disease, we ask that you please do so. Raccoon’s, foxes and coyotes also carry the disease; making for another reason to vaccinate. If you believe that your pet may be infected, please call your veterinarian immediately. Below you will find an article regarding the outbreak in Comal County as well as a link explaining the illness….

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by Heather on September 2, 2014


As pet owners, it is not only our choice it is our duty to ensure that our pets are cared for and protected in many ways. Annual exams, vaccinations, necessary medications and procedures, and tender loving care are all part of the pet owner regimen. Many pet owners do not believe that pets need vaccines, heartworm prevention or flea prevention. There are various viruses and diseases that are carried by animals that can be prevented by vaccination. Mosquitos are present year round in Texas even if there is not water near, these little flying insects carry heartworms and transmit them through our pets bloodstream, infecting them with the disease. Fleas are the pesky little creatures that are often forgotten about in households and many pet owners do not believe they have them in their homes when in reality they do, at times only able to notice when the infestation is out of control. We do not want to be unhealthy, lets do the same for our pets.



by Heather on August 20, 2014

It is important for horse owners to be able to pinpoint whether their horse(s) have attracted parasites. Horses can pick up internal parasites just by grazing in pastures, and even stables. Such warning signs of parasitic infection would be rough coat, diarrhea, and potbellied condition. This stresses the importance of making sure your horse is examined by a Veterinarian to ensure that they are healthy and receive any treatment that may be necessary.


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Fleas…Year Round?

August 5, 2014

                  Does your pet have flea’s? These pesky little creatures  ARE roaming year round in warmer climates and can cause significant issues for your pet and your home. It is very important to treat for fleas as outbreaks can cause skin issues including dermatitis and even anemia in your pet. There […]

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Raw Diets….good or bad?

July 23, 2014

  Photo Courtesy of:   There has been questioning rather or not feeding a raw diet to our pets is beneficial. In actuality, feeding a raw diet to our pets can increase the potential of health concerns for both the hands of the feeder and the pet. It is important for pet owners to read the information […]

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Truth Regarding Ice Water For Dogs

July 9, 2014

There has been recent speculation about whether to give ice water to dogs, the following article addresses the issue completely….        

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