There has recently been a widespread awareness of measle outbreaks in young children and the importance of vaccinating against this dangerous virus. Correlatively CDV, or Canine Distemper Virus, is considered just as detrimental in the canine world. The following article explains how significant vaccinating can be, however the exposure situation in Texas is much higher and it is recommended to vaccinate yearly. Please read the following….


Senior Pet Health

by Heather on February 5, 2015

Our pets are very important to us. Many of us have pets that have been a part of our families for many years, becoming senior pets. Some have been adopted as seniors. It is our responsibility to ensure good health for our pets. Annual check ups and senior health profiles are necessities in making certain that senior pet’s are in good health. Several underlying diseases that come with aging could possibly be missed without these examinations and lab work. Ask us about scheduling an appointment for your senior pet today!